GRIDLY blogger template free Download |Best Blogger Template for Themestore.

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GRIDLY v1.0 Blogger Template Free Download.

  • What is GRIDLY Template?
Gridly template is a "Grid  Style " Blogger template which is high speed loading template and this template was designed by SaurabhDesign. This Template is full Responsive on all types of devices and Adsense has in page Add Gadget Options which you easily add any widget like YouTube subscribe button,Twitter follow button and also you can add any types ads in middle area of blog post.

  • Which types of website Gridly Template Is Best?
You Can use this template in this type of blogs or similar like this.
  1. Theme Store
  2. WhatsApp Image/GIF/Videos
  3. Affiliate Website
  4. Photos
  5. Status Videos,etc.

  • Why GRIDLY template is Best.

Because GRIDLY is fast loading blogger template which is GOOD for SEO (for fast ranking) and also for more Ads Placement (Adsense friendly) this template has 5 ads palcement in the middle of post and you can add more ads place in sidebar,footer , header section which is too good.

  • Features of GRIDLY template:-
No Features Availability
1 Responsive Yes
2 Fast Loading Yes
3 SEO friendly Yes
4 Adsense friendly Yes
5 Yes
6 Email Subcription Yes
7 Social Share Button Yes
8 Social follow Icon Yes
9 NightMode Yes
10 Infinite Scroll Yes
11 Footer Credit Removed Yes
12 Light Weight CSS Yes
13 Related article in Middle of The Post Yes
14 Related Post With Thumbnail Yes

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